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ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer

ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer is widely used in drying, cooling, humidifying and other operations of powder and granular materials in the chemical, light industry, medicine, food, plastic, grain and oil, slag, salt, sugar and other industries.

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Principle of vibrating fluidized bed dryer:

     The material enters the machine from the feed port, and under the action of the vibration force, the material is thrown forward continuously in the horizontal direction. After the hot air passes through the fluidized bed and exchanges heat with the wet material, the wet air is discharged by the cyclone separator after dust removal The outlet is discharged, and the dry material is discharged from the discharge port.

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Features of vibrating fluidized bed dryer:

● The vibration source is driven by a vibration motor. Smooth operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, long life, and convenient maintenance.

● High thermal efficiency, which can save energy by more than 30% compared with general drying devices. The temperature distribution of the bed is uniform, no local overheating, uniform fluidization, and no dead ends.

● Good adjustability and wide adaptability. The thickness of the material layer and the moving speed in the machine and the full amplitude can be changed evenly to achieve stepless adjustment.

● Small damage to the surface of the material, can be used for drying fragile materials. Irregular material particles will not affect the work effect.

● Fully enclosed structure is adopted, which effectively prevents the air fork between the material and the air from being infected and the working environment is clean.

● When used for mass production of high-moisture materials, multiple units can be connected in series to meet user requirements (typical materials: such as polyacrylamide, etc.).

Technical parameter table of vibrating fluidized bed dryer:

ModelFluidized bed area
Air temperature
Outlet air temperature
Moisture evaporation capacity
Vibration motor
ModelPower /KW

Note: Some parameters are adjusted according to different materials during design, and the design shall prevail.

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