• Fine Finishing

    The spindle motor of fine finish series is characterized with low noise, high power, high precision and long life.

  • Engraving and Milling

    Models include GDK150-6, GDR58-24Z, GDK80-12Z and so on. They can be used to process copper, steel, stainless steel and other materials.

  • Wood carving

    spindle motors with independent fan, spindle motors with flange, etc. We can meet different demands of different users.

  • Stone Carving

    Spindle motors of model GDZ100-3.7 and model GDZ125-5.5 are used in stone carving industry. Their power are 3.7kw and 5.5kw respectively. They can be equipped with the collet of ER20 or ER25. Both are excellent in the craft and quality.

  • Advertising carving

    Spindle motors of GDZ series are applied in the advertising engraving industry. Models include GDZ65-800, GDZ80-1.5,GDZ80-2.2, GDZ100-3.7 and GDZ125-5.5

  • CNC Router

    Model GDL70-24Z/9.0 is a kind of air cooling spindle motor. It has two types--macro axis and minor axis. The power is 9kw. The bearing of model GDL70-24Z/9.0 is the world famous brand. Automatic tool change mechanism is applied in it, which improves the efficiency.

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